Picmonkey Tutorial: Selective Color on Black & White Picture

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Picmonkey tutorial for you guys! Ever see a fun picture that is black & white with a fun pop of color? It's actually very simple to create on a free photo editing site Picmonkey (Note: Picmonkey is free, but to use most of the fun features, it's worth the $34/year upgrade)

Step 1: Select and upload your picture on picmonkey.

Step 2: On the left bar, you will see a wand with sparkles.  That section is called "Effects"

Step 3: Find and select the Black & White effect.

Step 4:  See that little "Paint" popup box? Click "Original", set your brush size, and paint in your color with your mouse.
Pro Tips: Use a large brush for large areas (duh). Use a smaller size (AND zoom in) for the smaller, more detailed areas.

Step 5: Save & marvel at your photo editing skills 

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