#GirlBosses Love Kate Spade

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lovin' on my coaches this week. It's not so much about the gifts (something I could never have afforded before Beachbody)...although I ADORE this "Bombshell Blue" wristlet I found for them... it's more about making them feel heard and valued on our team.

Everyone has a unique set of skills, talents, abilities that they bring to the table and it's my goal to help them uncover their sweet spot- the place where PASSION meets their strength.

I cannot imagine a job more rewarding than helping other women rise to their greatest potential. From physical transformations... to growing confidence, speaking their truth and finding their purpose... they are planting the seeds to inspire others.

From the bottom of my heart... I appreciate every single person who has trusted me enough to join my team. During my daily gratitude and prayer, I think about their goals, their dreams and their vision. While we all may have different goals and different aspirations - I want nothing more than for you to achieve your version of success. 

Dream Big, Live More, Inspire the Next! 

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