Living in the present...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gosh, it was kinda tough to see this pic in my TimeHop today (one year ago today)

The most difficult part of dealing with my thyroid disease hasn't been changes in diet (#glutenfreeforLife), I don't mind having to take like 17 supplements a day, I haven't even minded going to my doctors office regularly (even though I hate being tied down to appointments lol!)

What's DIFFICULT is my body isn't responding to workouts like it has in the past... And I haven't been enjoying workouts either- I'll get light headed, feel sick and I just feel weak compared to before 
I've been listening to my body, modifying workouts and taking it easy BUT mentally... It's a struggle to know your potential is sooo much greater than your body can handle

I guess what I'm trying to say is... I could use a little lovin' and encouragement today. For the last two years, I haven't quite been myself. I've come to really appreciate just how precious our health is (and grateful I am with a man who is willing to stick out the hard times with me). In an effort to be my fun-loving self, I suggested a trip to Disney for Valentine's Day.

Little did I realize... EVERYONE had the same idea!

We met up with the Matways and the Wenders (two of our favorite families)! But all of the TRAFFIC, congestion and ....PEOPLE...was a lot for this INTROVERT to handle.
I'm already naturally inclined to want to stay in my bubble at home...but my Hashimoto's amplifies by the end of the evening I was drained physically and emotionally.
NOTE TO SELF: The best holidays or celebrations are spent curled up at home with the pups.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!