How To: Shower Curtain Wall Art

Saturday, June 13, 2015

How To: Create the Most EPIC wall art (on the cheap) using a SHOWER CURTAIN - or any large piece of fabric! 
I absolutely love decorating...however sometimes I get stuck and need to search Pinterest for ideas. For about a year, the wall in our living room has been an eyesore to me (aka bare LOL). 

It's a large space and nothing really spoke to me- Admittedly, covering this wall is a tall order. It's a space we spend time in every single day, so before I committed to anything... I wanted to make sure I was in love with it. 

I happened across a picture... and immediately fell in LOVE 

Where do I get this? How do I do it? Tell me more! 
-- Original Blog Post can be found here -- 

So let's get to the instructions! 


  • Octopus Shower Curtain by Thomas Paul (I got the Charcoal color, not navy) 
    I found it here for $130 - they had a coupon so I paid $104

  • update: now available here
    NOTE: I've also seen it on Wayfair
  • Wood! The curtain is 72" x 72" You want to make your frame slightly smaller so you have room to wrap it over your frame.

    2 Pieces 2" x 1" x 70"  -- For the Top & Bottom
    4 Pieces 2" x 1" x  68"  -- For sides & middle support

    Home Depot was awesome and cut the wood for us for free!
    Cost - around $8
  • Nails or Screws to create your frame
 Watch our video! 

We did a couple things different from the original How-To 

  1. I steamed the curtain instead of ironing. Much quicker & easier!
  2. We laid the curtain on the floor- face down - Put the frame on top for easier positioning 
  3. We stapled the curtain to the frame. The staples face the BACK where no one can see them
Once we had all of the supplies, it took use about 25 minutes to put together and 5 min to hang. We added those Sawtooth picture hangers to the back of the frame (like these).

Easy Peasy!
Go from this.... 

To this!

Now go out there and create! Mama Bear knows you can do it :P 

Whoops! I almost forgot, I wanted to show you a close up of the material so you know what to expect! It's a soft canvas (natural cotton) - it feels lovely and what's even better... it's hand silk screened. You can feel the love and attention to detail! 

UPDATE: We added mirrors to complete the wall! 


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  2. Thank you for showing me how to do this DIY project this summer