Baby Bumpin'

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I think baby girl is really going to make her appearance known soon! Just in time for our BABYMOON!
Turning over a new leaf in this pregnancy! I feel like I've been in complete SURVIVAL mode. To say I had a rough start is an understatement haha It all feels like a blur!
Now that my mood, COMPLEXION, and stomach have settled down... I'm ready to THRIVE, to soak it all in and continue to pay it forward.
I've worked for a LONG time with a SINGULAR create a future of financial freedom so my babies could have stay-at-home parents while fulfilling my purpose! It's my passion to share this gift & help families integrate health and wellness into their lives.

But I can't stop thinking.... What if I never found the courage to start this business? What if I allowed myself to stay STUCK & frustrated?

I would still be working long hours for not enough money. I would still have a negative outlook. I would still be frustrated with my weight and body image. I would still feel lost, stuck & unfulfilled.

Now, I HELP people for a living. I can inspire someone to change the trajectory of their LIFE...just like someone did for me.

If I could share a small piece of advice...

Just START. Start small. Baby step it.

Focus on YOU. Focus on your {mental & physical} health. Join a Challenge Group. Surround yourself with positive people. WORK for it. Focus on that vision you have in your mind of your IDEAL life...and set out to make it happen (one day at a time).

Even if it took you 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years to achieve your ultimate goal...wouldn't it be worth it?

Current Goals on my Mind:
-- Stop to smell the roses. Enjoy EVERY phase of pregnancy
-- Eat colorful, whole foods & balanced meals
-- Spend time reflecting on my goals & gratitude
-- Move it, Shake it! Continue staying active- don't beat myself up for what I can't do
-- Continue spreading WELLNESS. Without our health, we have nothing

Join me in this WELLNESS mission 😊 
If you have questions - I'm happy to answer them! 
Feel free to email me at 📧 
Title your subject line WELLNESS BABES CHALLENGE!

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