Reese's 2nd Birthday Party: Ice cream & Artisan Dessert House

Monday, September 23, 2019

Okay, I SWORE I would keep her 2nd birthday SIMPLE. But I think my love language is planning parties so I just couldn't help myself. The more I prepped and prepared, the more ideas I would get.

For some reason, I am really stuck on the idea of "markets" and "shops" as birthday themes. Her first birthday was "Reese's fresh flower market"
And this year, Target Dollar spot did me in with ADORABLE ice cream themed props and decor.

I pulled new props together with some from last year and I think it all worked beautifully. One of my favorite things about doing a "market" is the possibilities for imaginative play!

Encouraging creativity and using her imagination is SO important to me- so why not create a giant PLAYDATE party around this idea? Ya know =)

Hope you enjoy the photos! I've posted a couple tutorials on my Youtube and Instagram for things like the faux cakes, ice cream sandwich props and how I created the windows.  Lots and lots of foamcore board went into this! (Dollar Tree is the best place for crafting supplies like poster and foamcore board!)

Event planning and supplies: Giggle + Gather
Awnings: Target Dollar Spot (They are paper and I built little sturdy boxes to give them a better shape & longer life)
Windows & Shutters: My own creation!
Play Cart: Target Hand & Hearth Brand 
Bistro Table: Random Facebook Marketplace find! 
Wire Metal Basket Stand: Kirklands
Balloon Ice Cream Cones: Made them from Foamcore, paint and balloons