Breast Explant Surgery Check List

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I love to go with the flow until it comes to major events or trips- then it's lists on lists on lists! I don't like to leave anything to chance especially when it comes to surgery.
I recently had my breast implants removed and I was so happy to have everything prepared ahead of time to I could focus on recovery. Since my surgery was about 4 hours from home, there was an added element of travel.

I compiled a list of my favorite explant items on Amazon- you can find that HERE

If you need a little more detail, Jill Hastings, another breastie from the FB group put together a more detailed list that you can read: 

•Bed tray
•Wedge pillow
•Neck pillow
•Knee bolster or pillow for under knees
•Bed table/stand for meds, food, water, remote, etc.
•Heating pad for back or tummy discomfort (don't use on breasts)
•Ice packs if doctor approved using them
•Basket with snacks/water bottles next to bed
•Back scratcher! Several things can cause itching (after implant removal surgery) in the breasts and the rest of the body. Pain meds, detox, and healing.
•Dry shampoo and wet wipes/face wipes since you can't shower until drains are out.
•Antihistamines like Benadryl or non drowsy Loratadine help with itching. Also, baking soda/Epsom salt baths once cleared to soak in tub. 👍🏻
•stool softer and magnesium (start taking right after surgery as the anesthesia and pain meds will constipate you)
•Senna may be needed for constipation. (Senokot)
•ask doctor for Diflucan if you are prone to yeast infections from antibiotics
•Ask for a prescription of zofran dissolvable tabs for nausea that can be caused by anesthesia and pain pills. (It was very helpful for me the first night especially)
•throat lozenges like sucrets (you may have sore throat)
•Arnica pellets (helps with bruising)
•Arnica homeopathic cream. There is one over the counter or a higher strength Traumeel Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory-may be helpful but not necessary (I got this from my ND as its rx only, can be used around breasts, underarms, chest area but NOT directly on incisions)
•peroxide to remove blood from bra
•Epsom salts for detox baths once you're cleared to fully submerge in water.
•essential oils (high quality) are great to use in a humidifier, or with a carrier oil, or in your detox baths too. (Once cleared to take baths)
•get prescription meds filled before surgery date
•open front sports bras for after drains and binding are removed
•nursing pads/gauze to use in sports bra after dressing is removed to protect your skin and your bra
•Some ladies have used a lanyard or waist pouch for drain bags
(mine had clips to attach to the bottom of ace wrap/bra)
•button/zip front shirt, easy pull on pants, and slip on shoes to wear to the hospital/surgery center
•small pillow to put between you and seatbelt on way home or to hotel.
• blanket for car ride home or to hotel. (I was so cold after surgery)
•Snacks like crackers or applesauce for ride home to settle stomach and to be taken with pain pills.
•water bottle for ride home.
>>> Someone to drive you to and from surgery and post ops. Help for at least the first week after surgery. Help with medication administration, drain care and recording of fluid draining, positioning, ADL's (activities of daily living) and self care. Also, care for children.<<<
•pre made meals to make it easier for your family after surgery
•take before photos of your breasts and your no-make up face to compare with pictures after explant.
•reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, or need support.
🌸 Breath. You got this! 🌸
Use this list