Why We Procrastinate

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

 Let's talk about the REAL reason we

...and it's NOT LAZINESS! 🤔
Have you ever had something important to do... but then suddenly you decide to take a nap, watch cat videos, or organize your pantry INSTEAD of doing the task that REALLY needs to get done (taxes, workout, etc... )

You aren't lazy or bad at time management... You're actually doing it because you are STRESSED. You/We are bad at emotional management

The irony is procrastinating can led to MORE stress. 🙈🙈🙈 Which can lead to MORE procrastination, and suddenly you find yourself in a vicious cycle.
It's REALLY easy to give in to short-term gratification (HELLOOO Pinterest scrolling) instead of focusing on LONG TERM goals...and doing the things that you KNOW you should be doing...

So how do we turn this ship around?
It sounds very kumbaya, but one of the BEST things you can do is give yourself a little grace. Forgive yourself to lessen your guilt (which is one of the MAIN triggers for procrastination) and break your task down into small manageable chunks. Instead of throwing your mind into avoidance with a black cloud looming overhead, focus on a simple SMALL task in the name of progress. You don't have to file your taxes today, but maybe start gathering the forms you'll need.
When I don't FEEL like working out, I make a deal with myself..
"I'll just do the warm up"
"Okay, Just 5 minutes"
"Just do 5 more minutes"
....And before I know it...I might as well just FINISH the workout.

Stop waiting until you FEEL like doing something. If I only did what I FELT like, I would be curled up on the couch with Reese & the dogs, eating guac all day haha 👶🏼🐶🥑
Don't let MOOD dictate your day- steer the ship.
Once you start taking a little action, your momentum and confidence will build. Washes away those procrastination guilt feelings. The best way to START the day in the mode of accomplishment- make your bed! You will have accomplished your first task of the day. That small sense of pride will encourage you to do another task...and then another... By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. The little things matter <3 They add up to the big things
One last tip, instead of saying, "I HAVE TO..." say "I CHOOSE to..."
I-have-to can lead to self-sabotage
I-choose-to empowers you & puts you in control.
Stop waiting for the right time or the right mood to do something. Just start with one step at a time Some other reasons you MIGHT put off tasks....
  • Fear of the outcome (failure or success)
  • lack of interest
  • helplessness or don't know the steps to take
  • perfectionism
  • too tired (mentally or physically)
  • rebellion/resentment over the task
  • belief that nonaction will remove your responsibility from the outcome
  • distraction