P90X Day 39 Yoga X

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just wanted to share my progress and goals! I'm mad that I got off track over the holiday and am now finally getting the to point I was at in September, but I'm human....and at least I am back on track again. Can't wait for my 90 day pic!!!

Sunday is really starting to be my favorite day of the week....Yoga is becoming more and more relaxing for me and I LOVE my food prep day!!! It really sets the tone for the rest of the week. I am currently baking my chicken and the rice cooker is on! 
I want to go shopping this week at Whole Foods because starting next week I am taking my eating commitment to a whole different level. I am to the point now that I only want to eat foods that make me FEEL good. I am not in it for the taste anymore. After a good workout, I just want something that will help my body perform the way nature intended. I am going to be using a lot of recipes ideas from Tony's book Bring It and I am referencing another P90X grad's diet. She just so happens to be in the new P90X:MC2 so I can't go wrong following in her foot steps!