Why did I decide to Coach?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everyday that I am a coach, something new and wonderful happens that FORCES me to look inward and think about my decisions in life. I messaged a girl I know about becoming a Beachbody Coach and I just wanted to share our conversation.  If you want to take the leap of faith- go here and make the decision to change your life :) Bring on the positivity!

Kati Heifner 12 April at 09:29
I just read your last post in the support group and Wowzer!!! you need to start thinking about coaching...because youre already doing it!! I love it!!!

 12 April at 09:49 Report
you wanna know something that truly frustrates me....I have all the knowledge to be successfull in my journey and know what it takes and how it works and how to do it, but I always lack the motivaion and ...well... i am lazy! If I can make it through these 90 days and not give up on myself as I always have and go back to my old ways I actually might consider it, but I really have to prove to myself first and then to everyone that I can do it so that if I do become a coach I have a reason to be one. Right now I dont feel I do. But this time around I have the group I have my blog and my dad those are my support systems right now, My friends and husband are bad influnces and just dont get it and/or dont care, so I am gonna make it work this time, I Have to!! I will not fail this time I failed myself back in Oct. I had lost 20lbs and was doing great then I gained it all back and more so if in a little less then 90 days I make it through, I may take your advice and become a coach if I can If i can prove to myself I am worthly of being one !!
Kati Heifner 12 April at 11:19
Reading this seriously just gave me goosebumps because I can COMPLETELY relate. I went through the same highs and lows...and I KNEW what to do...but I could never stick with it.
I signed up to be a coach back in September...and it was ONLY after I committed and signed up as a coach that I stuck with it. It was BECAUSE I knew other people were going to be looking to me for advice- that I was FORCED to stick with it. I didnt want to be the coach that told people what to do, and yet I didnt do it myself. I live what i preach!
I always loved that saying "Fake it till you make it" because when you start thinking and acting like a role model- you TRULY become a role model!!
And when I decided that I was going to BE the support for other people, that is when I got PAID back exponentially with love and support. It's hard when you are surrounded by bad influences esp if they are the people closest to you! That reminds me of my friend XXXXXX- she became a Coach and started drinking Shakeology. Her fiance kinda gave her a hard time and made fun of her for eating "weird things" now a few months later...HE is the one asking her to try new recipes, working out WITH her and is more obsessed with it than her!
I think you should go for it- just because it sounds like we are a lot a like...and it changed my life in SOOOOO many ways. I KNOW I would not have stuck with P90X if it were not for becoming part of this.
You should get on the call Wednesday night and see what it's all about, but no matter what...Im here for you so if you are having a frustrating moment- msg me or text me xxx-xxx-xxxx
My heart completely goes out to you because Ive been in your shoes...but you're gonna do great things this year and along your journey you will find that helping people reach their goals is the KEY to you reaching yours. That I think was the biggest life lesson I got out of all of this.
I'm so glad you signed on for Beachbody and are on my team because you have a great heart and great passion- it's weird because I feel like since becoming a coach...there are so many people attracted into my life that I never would have met...and they are the people who have had the biggest impact on me! craziness!!

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  1. I'm so glad I read this because I can definitely relate and it gives me a bit more hope :)