Why you should Attend 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit in VEGAS!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Summit experience was like going to an adult playground.......It was great seeing coaches from all over the nation that are responsible for the heartbeat of this great business. Just seeing how the many lives the dream of Carl and John have touched and knowing that it just started with an idea, now has grown to a worldwide interest in many households. Seeing Carl walk around and talking to him at Success Club reception was like already talking to a walking legend. Also, meeting the leaders of the Dynasty was one of the most touching things to me because I finally got to meet the family in person. I knew they were all great but like i said in a previous post, I had no clue how great they actually were. The Dynasty has a group of young leaders committed to helping change the world one person at a time. What great ideas we talked about at lunch and in between sessions, it was priceless. One day when the Summit grows to over 50,000 people, we are all going to look back one day and remember when there was only 2500, and that the Summit 2011 was the start of the massive growth of the future. We knew all who attended in our group this year at summit, just imagine when it is so huge that people that you have never seen before come up to you at summit and introduce themselves as being honored to be on your team. How good is that going to feel, knowing you're touching lives because of your leadership and example..........................Coaches need to be there next year because things are said and done in these events that aren't done anywhere else. Stories, news, education, social gatherings that have meaning that you can't get through facebook updates, or highlight videos. Being there, touches you in a different way and effects you so differently than just hearing about it from another coach. You just have to be there to know what I am talking about. That is why you need to be in Vegas in 2012..........................The announcement I was most excited about was of course the new Shakeology flavor and the new P90x sequel coming out, but, the one that I am most excited about, was somewhat of a different announcement. It was at the Yardhouse, when the team was all together and we were having lunch before another session. We were all sitting there and decided that 100 was going to be the number of Team Dynasty Coaches to attend the Vegas Summit next year. All that means, is there will be over 1500 coaches in the Dynasty organization by next year! What that means for any coach who wants to be a part of that growth? Freedom! I know at the beginning of Summit 2011, the number was 30..........by the end of Summit, we decided 100! What does that tell you about what happens from day 1, and day 3 at Summit????? Guess you have to be there to find out. See you there, 100 Coaches:)

-Tony Banawa

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Another coach's experience:
I arrived at Summit with excitement but yet frightened, anxious, broken in some parts of my life... I didn't know what to expect. I left Summit full of love, joy, self fulfillment, inner peace, courage and I felt like I was on top of the world! I got to meet my new family and friends in person and realized how truly amazing each one of them are! I got to meet amazing people that just filled my heart with joy listening to their stories! I loved that Beachbody concentrated a ton on personal development bringing in extraordinary speakers. This experience has changed me! I am a better person!