Saturday Morning workout! Slim Series Review

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I guess I should clarify. Satruday Morning for me. It's 2pm so I guess by traditional standards, it's Saturday afternoon...But I am PROUD to say I JUST woke up! There is nothing I enjoy more than sleeping in/day sleeping. It's soooo delicously satisfying and I look forward to it all week.

On the agenda today....Slim Series workout Tear It Up.  I'm a little concerned lol These workouts are def harder than I anticipated, but I can feel it working already. I am a HUGE P90X, Tony Horton fan. LOVVEEE LOVVEE LOVVEE P90X. But now that I'm doing the Slim Series with Debbie Seibers...I think I may have found my new favorite workout program.  She's super cute and while she doesn't have Tony's exccentric personality or sense of can't help but to really like her.
The workouts are DEF focused on women's problem areas. So if you need to work on you "saddlebags" love handles or inner thighs, Debbie is your go-to girl!

The Slim Series has 5 advanced workouts. Three are just under an hour (Tone It Up, Mix It Up, and Firm It Up). Two are 78 minutes long (Shape It Up and Tear It Up). All are total body workouts except for Firm It Up, which only works the lower body. Cool It Off is also an hour long, but is a complete stretch workout

I did the Firm It Up Lower body workout yesterday and here a review a read that is spot on:

This is definitely not for beginners. I'm doing all of the Slim Series workouts for a while, and Firm it up is definitely one of the toughest!. It's a great lower body workout. The first 20 minutes are standing exercises, like squats, sidekicks, the rest is on the floor. The workout also contains a warm up as well as a tough little ab routine and 6 minutes of well deserved stretch exercises at the end. Doing this tape for quite a while, I definitely have a lot more stamina and my legs are more spapelier and leaner then ever before. It's one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, but in the end it will bring amazing results!

Here is a run down of the rest of the workouts:

Cool It Off is chaptered with the following stretches:
1) Introduction
2) Warm Up (3:45)
3) Standing Stretches (17:20)
4) Seated (on chair) Hip Stretch (3:20)
5) Core Stabilization (6:05)
6) Lying Prone Stretches and Lower Back Work (9:45)
7) Lying Supine Stretches (9:45)
8) Seated Stretches (9:00)
9) Standing Stretches (2:00)

Shape It Up is a total body light weight/high repetition workout with plenty of standing waist and core work throughout. The waist work, as Debbie calls it, is thrown in between weight segments and feels like a fun break. Don't let it kid you. It may feel like it's just there for a rest, but it really does stretch and work the core. I'll do Shape It Up and will feel SO SORE in my core the next day. I know I've worked my core in a new, effective way.

Shape It Up is also chaptered perfectly so if you want to do a 45 minute lower body/core workout, you can hit "skip" on your remote every time the upper body work begins and it will take you directly to the next waist segment or lower body segment. The same is true if you want an upper/core workout -- just hit "skip" on the lower body segments. I do this the most often for a quick lower body workout. I prefer it to Firm It Up, actually, which has lots of great standing leg and floor leg work, but also has a lengthy pelvic floor segment.
One thing I love about Shape It Up is Debbie uses the light weights for upper body work in ways that feel good to my body, yet work it. Amidst the upper and core work, Debbie throws in lunges and squats which get my heart rate up. I think that Debbie's found a way to get the Heart Rate up throughout a weight workout so that we're working our muscles and getting some cardio benefit. She also does some brief cardio moves (running in place, 1/2 jacks, and twist jumps). In a few of the Slim Series workouts, Debbie uses the resistance band, which is effective and tough, but I enjoy using the dumbbells more. This workout only uses the dumbbells.  Another thing I love about Shape It Up is the floor work.For the floor work, Debbie has a few terribly tough lying leg exercises that hit the muscles fast.

Shape It Up is chaptered like this:
1) Introduction
2) Warm-up (5:23)
3) Lower body: squats, squat/front kick, dips, dip/front kick, deadlifts (5:45)
4) Standing core work: side reaches, side bends (2:37)
5) Chest/back/shoulders: standing chest work, bent-over rows, upright row (3:25)
6) Standing core work: waist twists, twists/punches, side bends (2:10)
7) Shoulders: arnold press, overhead press, reverse fly (2:40)
8) Lower body: leg abductions, squat/side kick, standing inner thigh work, plie squat/calf raise (8:52)
9) Standing core work: side crunches, oblique crunches (2:56)
10) Biceps/triceps: curls, kickbacks (3:53)
11) Standing core work: knee pulls, twists, uppercut punches (2:19)
12) Lower body: standing leg curls, floor exercise for quadriceps (9:44)
13) Chest/triceps (floor): chest fly, chest press, pullovers, tricep press (7:16)
14) Abs and lower body (floor): inner and outer thigh work, crunches (9:40)
15) Shoulders/biceps/triceps: front raise, reverse fly, concentration curls, tricep overhead extension (7:04)
16) Stretch (4:25)

Tone It Up is a mini-Shape It Up. It's a fun mix of upper and lower body toning. Lots of lunges, squats, and kicks to get that heart rate up (and work the lower body) as well as upper body weight work and a bit of cardio amidst it all. The FIRM is known for 4 limbed movements, where you are step touching or walking in place, but are using weights for the upper body at the same time. This keeps the heart rate up (and makes it more fun). Debbie does this a few times in Tone It Up.
Like Shape It Up, the last 1/4 of the workout is done on the floor, which really breaks up the workout to make the time pass quickly. The outer thigh work just has 3 moves, but is SUPER TOUGH! Debbie laughs throughout it because it's tough for her too, which makes the time pass a bit easier as those muscles are BURNing!

1) Introduction
2) Warm-up, part 1 (2:27)
3) Warm-up, part 2 (3:05)
4) Lower body: dip, squat, squat + leg lift, front kick + back kick (5:38)
5) Step touch + pull-backs, squat + row, alternating reverse fly, reverse fly, upright row, squat +
hammer curl (7:17)
6) Plie squat + chest crossover, plie squat + chest pullup, plie squat + standing chest fly, squat + tricep kickback (4:11)
7) Dip + front raise, lunge + bicep curl, static lunge + side raise, shoulder combo: front-side-rear
raise, rotator cuff, squat + W-press, squat (11:57)
8) Chest fly, chest press, tricep press, bridgework + tricep lying overhead ext, bridgework (7:22)
9) Inner thigh floor work (2:14)
10) Outer thigh floor work, pushups (7:21)
11) Abs (3:42)
12) Stretch (5:05)

Tear It Up has more cardio in it than the other Slim Series workouts. The cover says it's a Total Body Blast. It's a long one like Shape It Up -- 78 minute long. But it's a lot different. There's no floor work at the end -- all of the lower body work is done standing.It's a full body circuit workout where you alternate weights and cardio, weights and cardio.
Here's the complete breakdown of the workout:
1) Introduction
2) Warm-up (5:20)
3) Upper body: upright row, bent-over row, standing chest press, rotator cuff, W-press, reverse fly, bicep curls, tricep overhead extension (9:31)
4) Cardio: knee pull, uppercut and front punch, side lunge with toe touch, knee pull in low lunge
position, jog, jack (4:09)
5) Lower body: squat, squat + knee up, lunge, dead lift, plie squat, calf raise (7:56)
6) Cardio: front kick + back kick, side kicks, plyo squats, jog, jack (4:10)
7) Upper body (8:22) and lower body (8:11) front raise + pull back, chest pull-up, side raise, bicep curl, hammer curl, wide bicep curl, reverse fly, tricep kickback squat, ski squat, low end squat, dead lift, one-legged dead lift, plie squat, calf raise
8) Cardio: burpees, fast run, jog, jack (3:10)
9) Upper body with tubing: one-arm row, bicep curl, overhead press, side raise, tricep overhead extension (9:42)
10)Lower body: squat + side kick, dip, deadlift, plie squat + calf raise (6:41)
11) Abs (4:30)
12) Stretch (6:30)

Mix It Up uses the resistance band and dumbbells. It's one minute shorter than the other ones that are just under an hour (57 minutes long).
1) Introduction
2) Warm-up (5:17)
3) Back, biceps, legs -- lat pulls, alternating lunges/hammer curls, bent-over rows, crossover lunges/bicep curls, double rows (RB), squats/bicep curls (RB), jogging, half jacks(7:39)
4) Shoulders, legs -- shoulder presses, pliés, pliés/front raises, rear delt raises, reverse lunges/side kicks, arnold press, pliés/lateral raises, rear delt raises, squats/side leg lifts, alternating shoulder press (RB), jogging, half jacks (11:52)
5) "Midsection series" -- punches, reaches, uppercut punch, crossover punch, upward reaches, side crunches, crossover reaches, side bends, downward reaches, chair pose, plié pose, side stretch (6:37)
6) Chest, triceps, legs -- standing chest flies, one-arm french press (RB), c-sweeps (for chest), supine french press, pelvic tilts, push-ups, kneeling tricep kickbacks, bent-leg lifts (table work), chest press, rotating chest press, rib cage pullovers, tricep press (15:46)
7) Abs -- reverse crunches, alternating oblique crunches, standard crunches, double crunches (3:02)
8) Stretch (6:48)

Firm It Up is a tough lower body workout that somehow is advanced without any weights in the entire workout. Ankle weights are optional. 

1) Introduction
2) Warm-up (4:08)
3) Squats, quad exercise, squat/knee up, ski squats, one-legged squats, squat/abduct, side kicks, side kick/step-out squat, plyo squats (16:14)
4) Standing inner thigh, side kicks, leg abduction/standing crunch (9:57)
5) Inner thigh floor work: frog, open and close, criss-cross (4:06)
6) Bridge work -- pelvic tilts (9:55)
7) Abs, including some bonus outer thigh work (7:58)
8) Stretch (6:19)

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