The best $1.97 I ever spent....

Monday, September 26, 2011

I love watching Dr. Oz! I'm so sad they changed the time to 4pm- boo!!! But I did catch one episode about $5 deals when he was giving tips for reducing stress!
If you can't get a massage or pay a bunch of money for a foam can go buy Pool noodles and use them to give yourself a massage!

Pool Noodle, Cost: $1.97 (on sale at Target right now!!)
You can use pool noodles for an at-home massage. Lying down on a noodle can break up the stiffness from the day.

Ok, so yes...I was a skeptic. But I thought...for $2...I can try anything lol Since they were so long, I used a utility knife to cut mine in half. I got 2 sizes just for the fun of it.
Set it on the floor, lay on your back and roll around on it. Let the massage begin! It actually feels REALLY good especially after a workout!

Just don't try to juggle them!

Add them to the stash! I love new workout toys!

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  1. cool idea, I of course paid the big bucks for the foam roller