Saturday, November 12, 2011

A couple things you should see before you start working out!

You could go to the gym and do endless cardio…
Cardio queen

                                                …and end up looking like this
Skinny fat
            Or you could take one of those things below-called weights….

And end uplooking like her …
Beautiful women-lift weights!

  You could keep eating like a 10 year old anorexic…
Or you could enjoy eating enough…
Healthy portion
  You could keep on using those…
Pink dumbells are for barby dolls
 And be satisfied with having flabby arms(or hide them with bands)
Like the flabby arm? Doubt it!
 …or you could hit the weights darling…
Hit the weights darling!
… and be sexy and confident!
You can lift light weights-thousand times and then  hire somebody to carry your flaggy  butt…
Or you could lift some weights and carry somebody on your butt!
That's what weights do to your butt!


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