How To Get A Butt Like A Victoria’s Secret Model- Workout and Routine

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Did you guys watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? oh M geee I loved the outfits- uhhhmaazing Nothing less is to be expected!
And their bodies...well it goes without saying...but you KNOW they work hard! Some of the models were definately TOO skinny this year (I thought). Sexy= toned curves. Which is why I LOVE Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio!! She's a huge fan of Leandro Carvalho because he whips her booty into shape!
Hey, if one of the world’s sexiest women loves Leandro and his butt workout...that's enough for me!! SOLD! haha

Alessandra Ambrosio
"Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt—and for my abs, and for everything else—but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best."
—Alessandra Ambrosio