How do I stay Motivated to finish P90X?

Monday, December 3, 2012

If you are anything like me when I started, you are asking yourself...How in the HECK am I going to stay motivated to finished P90X when I can't even last 15 minutes?? Seriously, this workout was a BEAST to me when I started. 
Ever "THINK" you are somewhat in shape....only to find out that you can't even make it through the warm up? lol P90X IS hard!! It takes time and you get better, stronger, faster, fitter with each workout. But it's a mind trip...because I didn't realize I was getting better, stronger, faster, fitter....I thought I was a big F-A-I-L-U-R-E.  The first THREE times I attempted P90X, I gave up. I let "life" get in the way (what a lame excuse)  Life aka pointless TV shows...not to mention going out with friends to eat/drink.  Ok now Im not saying going out and spending time with my friends was pointless....but I AM saying what we did with our time was...Our tradition was Bacon Night. Ummm...HELLLOOO 
Looking back, it's hard to believe I was confused about why I was chubby haha I was CLUELESS about nutrition. I was 25 before I knew what a complex carb was! 
P90X was the gateway program for me to live a stronger, healthier and more confident life. Being chubby or overweight (whether it's 5, 10, 100 lbs) isn't just about your physical health. It affects everything you do.  I used to think about my weight...every waking second. I hated sitting down because I had these horrible rolls. I was always trying to cover myself up and it made me say "no" to a lot of fun activities. I didn't want to go to the amusement park because I was terrified of wearing shorts. I would rather stay home and miss out than wear jeans and die or heat or the WORSE alternative...wearing shorts and have cellulite exposed. 

This morning I made a post asking...why do people give up on their health/fitness goals...and the response I kept seeing was..."You don't see results quickly enough" or "life gets in the way"

In truth, we MAKE time for the things we find i
mportant. When "life gets in the way" that simply means you aren't valuing the benefits. I used to think that I was the ONE person that would NOT get results from P90x. I was scared to do it because I didn't want to FAIL. Then I realized...until I changed my thinking...nothing was going to change. I was going to stay chubby & unhappy.

Remember, it took MORE than a day to put the weight on...I actually find it INCREDIBLE that in ONLY 90 days...we can undo the damage and bad habits of YEARS. It kinda blows my mind. When I am feeling unmotivated or frustrated with my results, I remember WHY I am doing this in the first place. I think about all of the things I've given up...all of the fun and life experiences because I was trapped by my body image. I think about the person I want to be...not the person who is ashamed of their body. I think about the example I want to set for others, for my friends, my family...I think about the others who are suffering and I want to show them there is a way to reclaim your body and your confidence! 

And 90 days is going to pass whether you workout or now...why now feel like the MOST Confident/sexy/fit person 12 weeks from now? It's not about where you came's about where you are GOING! And YOU are living the life of a healthy/energized woman who knows what she wants out of life and is going after it!

Take it from someone who did it...It's WORTH IT ♥ It wasn;t easy...and I made a LOT of mistakes...but each day I became better than the person I was yesterday.

My Story:

When you get discouraged or frustrated, how do you keep yourself on track?


  1. Hey Kati, is it possible to switch and have you as my coach? I'd love to join whatever challenge group you have going on next. Love the site too btw!

  2. Congratulations!, I'm still fighting for my new shape.

    1. You'll get there!! Make sure your eating is on point- that is the HARDEST part I swear!

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