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Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Ultimate Reset Results: Is the Ultimate Reset Worth it?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is the Ultimate Reset worth it? First..let's take a look at Rob's incredible journey. I've seen a complete and total change in him  His attitude and outlook did a 180! The weight loss results blow me away but makes me ever more proud...the changes that happened on the inside. The positivity, the confidence and the happiness he exudes are all truly remarkable. If you would have asked me 21 days ago how much of a change I thought was possible...I never would have dreamed that he could make such strides!
Rob... You ROCK!Thank you for being our Team inspiration!

As you know, I am suppose to have knee surgery on the 27th. Is it still advisable to start the Reset a week before the surgery? How do I handle eating the day before and the day of surgery? I know I am not suppose to eat 12 hours before I have it and with me being drugged up afterwards not sure what my appetite will be like after the surgery. Any suggestion would be helpful.
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  • Kati Heifner Hmm, I personally would wait until after your surgery. I think it would throw me off track too much and you don't know how you're going to feel. In the meantime, I would start practicing and preparing some of the meals, drinking only water- and increase your water intake, if you drink caffeine- start weaning yourself off now so you don't have headaches on the reset 

    Make sure you read the Reset guide thoroughly- it's a lot of info to take in!
  • Kati Heifner Oh make sure you join the Team Beachbody Ultimate Reset Group. If you do a search, it should come up. That gives you access to other people doing the reset and the creators of the program often go in there to answer questions
  • Rob Perry Jay has made me quite caffeine already. He is so mean to me!  LOL. I need to work on drinking my water. I struggle with that. He's also going to go over mean plan options with me to make things simpler and less costly. Thanks for the suggestions as well. I would like to start the reset as soon as possible but I do have to take having the surgery into consideration. I might start the reset the day after it though. I think Jay would like me to start sooner though.
Day 1
"Ok.. So here are the facts today Jay Jorgensen and Kati Heifner and the rest of the group . It's Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset for me and I'm not liking it. My body wants something else besides what I am putting into it. Plus since I am laid up at home I am extremely bored and that's not helping matters either.

I'm a bit ashamed and embarrassed that I am posting this pic and my weight, but it is what it is. I don't know why I am posting it, maybe I'm just asking for punishment. Also with this pictures comes a weight of 352.5 pounds.... Just unbelievable!!!

Well time for my afternoon snack then I think I'll take a nap.." -Rob Perry

Day 8
"Well everyone today starts Week 2 of the Ultimate Reset otherwise known as the “Detox” phase. I must admit week one was a success for me, with a weight loss of 13.2 pounds. Other than that I really don’t feel much different. My sleep is still messed up and I think that has to do with still dealing with the pain and discomfort from the knee surgery. Oh, I remember something else. :-) I don’t feel as hungry as I thought I would. I normally eat a lot more food than I am doing on the reset and thought by decreasing that amount I would be starving, but I’m not. I do look forward to week 2 mainly because of the added fruit for breakfast and for a different variety of food for lunch and dinner.
Thanks again everyone for your support and encouragement through my journey.
Here's my delicious breakfast...."

Day 15
"Today folks on this Happy St. Patrick’s Day I start Week 3 of the Ultimate reset and I thought I’d post an update of my result so far. Thankfully I only have 7 more days to go :-) . It’s been a tough yet manageable road these past 14 days, but well worth it. My sleeping is not the best and I attribute that to having so many things racing through my mind. My energy level has improved and I think I am seeing subtle changes in my body. After this is all done and my insurance allows me I’ll also be doing new blood panel tests so I can compare them to the before results.

All in all though I am feeling better about myself and I seem to have a more positive outlook on things now.

As far as weight loss goes here are the numbers. After 2 weeks of doing the Reset I have lost 19.5 pounds, with a total weight loss (over 4 months) of 58.5 pounds. Those are results I can live with. I am so close to finally being under 300 pounds.
I am so enthusiastic about what happens after the reset, since I’ll be starting a new meal plan and exercise routine. The exercise routine will be limited till I get the clearance from my doctor and my body.

Everything is falling into to place though….." -Rob Perry 

Sorry if this is long...but I have I'm so overjoyed that I might ramble. This week has been mind blowing. My team is growing like crazy...we just got back from an extravagant trip paid for by Beachbody...but at the end of the day...when I look at what REALLY matters to's stories like Rob's 

He credits Jay and I for helping me...but at the end of the day...HE made a decision, put in the hardwork and now has LIFE CHANGING RESULTS. I almost cried when I read this:

"Well after some deep thought and talking with Jay and Kati I decided to post my before and after pics of my Progress as I completed the 21 day Ultimate Reset Program. I have to say that I am quite embarrassed and ashamed of these pics, but they are what they are. Personally even-though I know I lost 26.1 pounds as a result of doing this program and managed to lose 3 inches of my waist, 2 inches off my chest and 1.5 inches off my neck, I still am not able to see the physical change... and I honestly mean that. It's just an odd feeling.

I have to say that I do feel so much better though. I have more energy, I am able to tie my shoes while bending down ( I know longer rely on people having to tie them for me), I'm definitely more flexible, I'm happier and for once I have a more positive outlook and attitude. There was not a single negative aspect or outcome from doing this program. If you just stay focus, follow it like you are suppose to and stay committed, YOU will succeed.

Plus I am happy to also report that since I started this new journey in November of 2012 I am officially down 65.1 pounds. Yeah for me :-)" - Rob P.

Absolutely 100%  It WILL challenge you, it won't always be easy but you will change in ways you never imagined. That's what I love about being on a fitness group...originally I started P90X to lose weight...I lost way for than weight along the way..I lost emotional baggage, lack of self confidence, bad influences and I lost my bad attitude. 
Cleanse your body, cleanse your soul =) 

If you want to connect with him, you can shoot him an email
And if you want to give the Ultimate Reset a can purchase it through Rob to help support him on his journey

Thanks friends for reading and helping me support an INCREDIBLE person ♥

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