Sweating for the Wedding Bridal Bootcamp Fitness Challenge

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eeeee! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now...I'm finally unveiling my Sweating for the Wedding BRIDAL BOOTCAMP Fitness challenge! 

Shopping for a dress, centerpieces, and flowers is so FUN (a lot of fun hehe) but the one thing you can't buy for your big day is CONFIDENCE! 

If you are engaged, (want to be engaged haha), part of the bridal party, or attending a wedding and loveee all things wedding...then JOIN ME!

What is this challenge all about?

We will all be doing a Beachbody workout, focusing on meal prep, p
lanning and portion control so that you can have the cute booty, lean legs, beautiful shoulders, strong fit arms....to show off on your big day!

I'm all in! 

I want to be BEAMING on my Big Day! To feel 100% CONFIDENT about getting my pics taken a gazillion times from every angle! - that is motivation enough to get my booty moving! Add in a low back dress...and I better get to work! LOL

This challenge is NOT....

  • a crash diet
  • the pursuit of perfection
  • a way to lose weight & then go back to old habits after the event
If you've done my challenges before- you know that I am ALL about balance and progress! We're not going to obsess over every calorie...or compare ourselves to airbrushed models...BUT we ARE going to develop some healthy habits...eat some yummy HEALTHY food ...look awesome...and have FUN! 

To Apply -->> http://bit.ly/HoneymoonBody

Bridal Bootcamp begins Aug 25th

No Coaches Please
I must be your assigned coach to participate...otherwise...I'd have so many people, I'd never get to leave the computer and spend time with my honey! I still want to be engaged by the end of this  

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