GirlBoss Dynasty: Beachbody Heritage & Family Tree

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I am SO proud of our "Beachbody Heritage" that it's important to me that you know how this all started. 

Carl Daikeler founded Beachbody with his partner Jon C in 1998. On the Beachbody message boards, they realized that people who had success with the programs were helping "coach" others through them on the message boards. 
In 2007, the TEAM Beachbody COACH opportunity was launched!
In 2009, the NEW young mommy to a premie baby was trying to get her pre-baby body back. She ordered P90X, posted a Youtube transformation video (that would change ALL of our lives) to pay it forward for all of the P90X results videos that inspired her! 
People started reaching out to her & she began "coaching" them through the program. She thought the company might have a "referral program" so she called into Beachbody & signed up as a COACH. 

This young mommy was RANDOMLY placed under a sponsor coach who did not/does not work the business at all. It began her mission to become the upline she always wished she had. 

Luckily for me... in Oct 2010... while I was searching for P90X results, I came across the now infamous Youtube video. I swear I was MAGNETICALLY drawn to this blonde beauty! haha I immediately saw the potential (and her vision) and signed up as a coach {before I even had a transformation!}

In 2011, as the team was growing...THE BOMBSHELL DYNASTY was born. In 4.5 short years, our upline LINDSAY MATWAY, has built a team from ONE... to over 30,000 coaches! 

Lindsay Matway accolades are extensive! No upline, no sponsor support...just a HUGE passion, VISION & sheer determination.
-- She is a 4x Top TEN coach
-- 2013's TOP Coach (First FEMALE TOP Coach) 
-- DOUBLE 15 Star Diamond -- over 53 PS Diamond Coaches
-- Achieved SC10 every month since she's been a coach 
-- Coach Advisory Board Member

The list goes on. She is the most humble, down to heart, genuine, passionate, spiritual person I know. She is a visionary, a pioneer and a true trail blazer! I am SO so proud, grateful & humbled to be not only a friend...but part of her team & her dream. 

A little about me... When I signed up as a coach, I was unhappy with my job, my weight & my future. I always had a gut feeling I was made for something BIG, but I could never figure out what that meant. 

Even though I was ALWAYS a great student & I graduated High School early...I ended up dropping out of college. I just couldn't afford it & I couldn't get any loans. 
I was working LONG hours as a retail manager...barely making ends meet. I was so stressed out that even when I worked out (on the treadmill), I would ruin it by binge eating Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches while on the go! haha

I tried P90X & failed at it THREE times before I found Lindsay and signed up as a coach. Even though part of my thought it might be a scam...the other part of me KNEW this was something I had to do. I can't explain it other that just a GUT FEELING...everything in my life was leading to me Beachbody. 

I struggled as a coach (took me 6 weeks to make my first sale), but by 1 year & 3 months, I earned enough to quit my job & pursue Beachbody full time. 
Beachbody has been my ticket to FREEDOM. No stressing about $$$, no more alarm clock or boss, a focus on my HEALTH, HAPPINESS, PASSIONS and creativity. I even met my man Jay through Beachbody! 

From the ULTIMATE skeptic... who researched Beachbody reviews on the Better Business Bureau lol... trust me when I say the potential here is LIMITLESS. 

For more about my story & how I got over my intial struggles:

# Girlboss Dynasty is a 3X ELITE team & we aren't stopping there! 

GIRLBOSS: Someone who takes her life seriously without taking herself too seriously. She takes chances & takes responsibility. She knows when to throw punches and when to roll with them. 

She lives her truth, has fun with it and is actively pursuing her greatest potential. She follows her heart, {{ALWAYS}} trusts her gut & isn't afraid to DREAM BIG heart emoticon

I'm honored to have YOU on this team because I know you are here for a reason. I truly believe we all have a purpose {and while they come in various shapes and sizes} you wouldn't be here if you didn't have a BIG heart & a passion for helping others. How amazing is this world is we live in? When we all band together, we can create something truly incredible. 

This business is ALL about sharing what you love and what has enabled you to start reaching your goals. Beachbody offers an element that no other fitness program does... Personalized support from coaches... and that is what A LOT of people need. Someone to support and hold them accountable. 

Just think... You are going to change soooo many people's lives, just wait! It's soooo exciting to have you guys on my team! Makes me want to work harder and reminds me WHY I LOVE THIS JOB! : ) 

I look forward to seeing where you take our lineage (our DYNASTY):::Dynasty::: a succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in business. 
That's exactly who we are... a FAMILY heart emoticon