Running your Own Race: The Comparison Game will Kill You

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Running your Own Race: The Comparison Game will Kill You 
The pups are at Doggy Daycare with their besties (Sandy and Bella) which meannnssss....
 (We love Royal Pets in case you are looking for a daycare/grooming/vet/boarding/pet store in the Clearwater area!)
I can get my Hammer & Chisel on without any furbutts underfoot :P It goes a lot faster but it's not nearly as cute haha

My fitness goals have changed SOO greatly from when I first started back in 2010. 

2010 GOALS:  Look good in a bikini - Get through P90X (huffing & puffing)
2011 GOALS: Crushed P90X so I built my endurance and set new goals like Unassisted Pull Ups, One handed Pushups and pushed myself to new levels 
2012 GOALS: Try to keep up with Jay LOL Put on muscle
2013-2014....Figure out WHY I am always tired, sick, in pain

-- I finally got my Hashimoto's diagnosis in Nov 2014 and was SO relieved that many of my symptoms could be explained. I was to the point that I was basically falling asleep during my workouts. (You can read more about my health journey here:

This year has been all about HEALING my body, taking it SLOW and realizing that is OKAY. Just because 2011 Kati was kicking some butt doesn't mean that I should beat myself up now. 

Goals are individual, not universal. Just because someone can run faster, lift heavier, go longer...doesn't mean your efforts are crap. 

Playing the comparison game will eat you alive. Don't let other people's progress dim your success. And don't hate 'em cuz you ain't 'em haha 

Run your own race. ↞↞↞ Lessons I'm still learning