Restoration Hardware Hack - DIY Vintage Book Decor

Monday, June 6, 2016

Time for another Restoration Hardware Hack! This time it's all about DIY Vintage style books for decor!

You guys know I LOVEEE DIY! Annddd I LOVE Restoration Hardware. 

While I think they have amazing furniture that will last a lifetime...their accessories can be a bit INSANE. 

If you have ever shopped at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn, they load HEAPS of books on shelves, endtables and anywhere else they can cram them in LOL
While I think they overdo it... I'll admit I love the look.

If you want a small bundle of books filled with blank pages, it can set you about $125. Uhhhh NO...Just No.

LUCKILY.....there are a few VERY inexpensive options.

OPTION #1 Head to Goodwill and ransack their book section. For about $1 a pop, you can snag some awesome, aged paperback books. Rip off the covers and you're good to go! (I have these on shelves all over the house).
You can also UPCYCLE some (not-so) old novels into "antique" book bundles by soaking them in tea and letting them dry and bundle with twine! 

OPTION #2 If you need BIGGER books, you can check Home Goods or TJ Maxx for inexpensive FAKE books. (You know...the ones that are boxes for your treasures hehe)
Get crafty and you can TRANSFORM them into some magazine worthy accessories.

I started with these super busy, dark fake books.

You have a few options for covering them... 
  • PAINT  I would recommend a white matte paint like chalkboard paint 
  • FABRIC  You can Mod Podge some muslin fabric on those babies!
  • OR....I wanted a very CLEAN but vintage look (if that makes any sense) I opted for a thicker sketch paper in ivory. 

I had 5 books total to cover and basically experimented with different methods...from measuring and using ONE solid measuring three separate pieces (Front, back and spine)

Because they are supposed to have a vintage look to really can't mess them up.

As a kid, my mom was always a huge fan of Mod Podge (...or Modge Podge as we all call it :P ) I never appreciated her obsession until I started doing little projects. That stuff is AMAZING.

Finished Product: 

Thoughts...YAY or NAY?

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  1. wowww I need to visit the craft store soon! I'm always doing paper crafts, but we just got a new place...time to try my hand at diy home decor ;) thanks for the inspo Kati!