How to Become an Emerald Beachbody Coach

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I get a lot of questions regarding the Beachbody Coach compensation plan, the different ranks and info on how the Free Customer Lead Program works.  Today I wanted to just go over the rank of Emerald Beachbody Coach and the Free Customer lead program. I put these two together because they do go hand in hand, in other words you can’t have one without the other. There are many different ways to earn as a Beachbody Coach. Of course rank advance is one of them.
So let’s get to it. Basically to reach the level of an Emerald Beachbody Coach you will need to personally sponsor two people into your business. You will need each of these first two personally sponsored coaches in each leg of your down line. Pictured below.
How too rank advance

Can My Spouse Be One of My Coaches?

Absolutely! This is another concept that many other companies do not allow. Usually you can’t even have someone in the same household join your business. But with Beachbody it’s actually encouraged. You can sign up your spouse to help get you that much closer to becoming an Emerald Beachbody Coach. Placement of your spouse is important, but I’m not going into that here. Be sure and speak with your sponsor prior to bringing in a spouse to assure you put them in the beneficial place for the both of you.
Each new coach (including yourself) must be an “Active” coach. Being active simply means you have purchased or sold 50 personal volume points. Most Beachbody Coaches start on Shakeology and since it has a point value of 90, you will be active.
Ok, now we have our first two Active personally sponsored coaches. You have officially reached the rank of Emerald Beachbody Coach (Congrats!). The system updates on Thursdays so if you are wondering why you have to active personally sponsored coaches and have not rank advanced, wait until Thursday morning. Let’s go over some of the added benefits to becoming an Emerald Beachbody Coach. The first thing is you can now earn cycle bonuses, you can learn more about how that works here. And perhaps the biggest reward for reaching the rank of Emerald is you can now qualify for the Beachbody Free Customer leads.

What is a Free Customer Lead?

When someone orders a product from Beachbody via their website or by the 1-800 number the customers are asked if they would be interested in having a support person assigned to them. Those that say yes are then distributed among qualifying Emerald Beachbody Coaches and above.

Do I Have to Qualify For the Free Customer Leads as an Emerald Beachbody Coach?

The simple answer to that question is yes, but these requirements are simple to meet and should be met whether you are an Emerald or not. Below are the simple eligibility requirements.
  • You must be a paid rank of Emerald.
  • You must be a Club member.
  • You must have engaged in real-time WOWY® workouts at least eight times in the preceding 30 days.
  • You must have posted a completed profile page with at least a bio and a “before” photo.
Once you have met the above requirements you will start to see new customers coming into your business. I have seen anywhere between 2-9 customers per week coming from the Free Customer Lead Program. Do you know of many other companies that give their customers to their qualified representatives?

What Do I Do With These Free Customer Leads as an Emerald Beachbody Coach?

Once you start to receive your free leads it is good practice to simply send them a welcome email. This can be something simple and to the point. No need to try to sell or promote your Beachbody Coach business. In my welcome letter it simply states that I’m their coach, what workout I’m doing and that I’d love to help, oh and I always mention I drink Shakeology (because I do). I get more people asking about Shakeology when I simply say “I drink Shakeology everyday” verses saying Check out Shakeology it’s awesome. Beachbody does all the promotion of Shakeology for you all you need to do is share your success with it. I hope you get what I’m trying to say, SHARE, DON’T SELL!.
Some customers will have a restricted email address, in this case you can only email them through your Beachbody Coach online office, not through your own email system. Some customers will reply, some won’t….move on, it’s not the end of the world.

What about the MONEY!

I need to point out that these Free Customer Leads do not come with and commissions attached right away. The first 30 days of orders goes to Beachbody themselves and why not, Beachbody pays millions of dollars in advertisements to get these customers so naturally they want to recover some of that cost. Having said that, you can still get paid. You will earn 25% on each and every order your customers make after their first 30 days in Team Beachbody. Team Beachbody sends out a weekly newsletter to all customers in the system which includes advertisements to the programs. Once again, no need to sell, you want to SHARE.
If you have any questions regarding becoming an Emerald Beachbody Coach or the Free Customer Lead program be sure and contact me.