Chalean Extreme Results & Review

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chalean Extreme is one of my new favorite workouts- Chalene Johnson has a way of motivating you to push past the limits you THINK you have...the become leaner & stronger than you ever have been.

What I thought was most interesting about it...I already did P90X and had LIFE CHANGING results from it. BUT! I never lifted more than 10 lbs. I know that heavy weights dont make you bulky but I guess I just thought I could never do more than 10 lbs. Chalene challenges you to test those limits and SEE if you can do more instead of assuming that you cant! Plus she is totally spunky and hilarious- her energy is infectious 
It's not ALL about me though...right? So I thought I would share SOMEONE ELSE'S review of the workout! Kelly Wager just finished Chalean Extreme so here are her results!  
I graduated from ChaLEAN Extreme today!

*drum roll please* Just kidding!! But I have to say I'm pretty excited with my final results in 3 months of working out and eating to FUEL my body, not to 'feed' it. (Big difference there, people, trust me!!) lol I have lost 22 pounds and 20 inches, as well as dropping a size or two in everything I wear!! WOOHOO!! A really great reason to go shopping, right?? :)

But what really has me on fire is what I have GAINED!!! I am *strong*!! I have no doubt that I can do anything I want to do. One arm plank with the other arm doing a row with a 15# dumbbell? BRING IT! (x 12 each side!!) Squats with a 30# dumbbell in each hand! Got that too!! I'm ready for 35's! :) Football drills - I LOVE them!!! And I never thought I could become a runner, but I'm doing my first 5k in just 2 weeks. (heaven help me!!) lol

If you can learn anything from all my (repetitive) posts about exercise, nutrition, fitness, healthy eating, motivational posts - I just want *YOU* to know that *YOU* can do it. Whatever you commit to, whatever you set your mind to ~ DON'T doubt yourself. I didn't go into this alone. God has blessed me with a phenomenal group of friends and fellow coaches to keep me accountable and motivated and inspired. My family has cheered me on and become motivated themselves!! And when I didn't have the strength to keep going, God was right there with me, reminding me I wasn't alone in this!

Don't worry, this journey isn't over yet.... I have MANY more goals ahead of me, and a lot more to accomplish in the coming weeks and months, starting with Monday's TurboFire kick off!!!

I could not have done this without the encouragement and support from my Bombshell Dynasty team, and my wonderful coach, Lynda Suttles! Whenever I'm in a funk, this is the place I come to, and I always find motivation to keep pushing play!! So thank you!!! :) I'm looking forward to TurboFire starting on Monday!! Can't wait to see what this newest adventure brings!!! ♥