Beachbody Ultimate Reset Eve

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Twas the night before the reset...and I can't sleep! It's 4am my time and I'm pretty sure I'm on a Cold Stone Creamery high. Oh course I just had to go for the "Gotta Have it" size!
But let me back track for a moment. For the weeks leading up to this, I've been so good! Slowly adjusting my eating habits and trying out some of the meals in the nutrition guide. I haven't been eating unhealthy at all...but yesterday...something struck me! You would have thought I was NEVER going to be able to eat ice cream or have a cheat meal/snack EVER again haha Sometimes you have to give in to those urges so you don't go insane.

So why do I want to do the Ultimate Reset?

I'm so glad you asked ;) lol Besides the fact that I'm a Beachbody junkie and like to try just about everything they come out with (including Tai Cheng- which is totally not my style but I'm doing it during the reset), I thought....I've NEVER actually reset my body and cleansed it of all of the nasty crap I used to eat. Pizza rolls anyone?
Aside from a 3 day cleanse, I've never actually done anything to truly rid my body of built up toxins. People have been fasting & cleansing seasonally for thousands of years. Guess I never jumped on the bandwagon before I found something that had an actual PLAN! and scientific data to back it up. I need guidelines!! And structure! 

Since I'm a procrastinator, of course I waited until the last possible moment to go grocery shopping for supplies. But at least I did it the the DAY before and not the NIGHT before...ahem...Melanie & Mak ;)
Turns out procrastinating PAYS OFF sometimes! 

Look who I ran into at the local Whole Foods! Isabelle Daikeler! The Co-Creator of the Ultimate Reset! Ummm how cool is that!? 
Note to self, stop leaving the house looking like a bum!!
So here is the deal...she's pretty much AMAZING. The longer I stood there and talked to her, the more enamored with her I became. 

She said to HAVE FUN with the cleanse. It's ONLY 21 days so don't have FEAR about doing it! What's the worst that's going to happen? After 21 days you can either change up the way that you eat or go back to your habits but at least you will KNOW what works for you. She follows a vegan diet but was the first to say that it's NOT for everyone. How refreshing! She's a HUGE believer in listening to your body and finding what is best for YOU.

Your body is a machine- a HIGHLY advanced machine and your brain is a computer. A lot of us (myself included) THINK we know what's best for us so we take action without LISTENING to our bodies and responding to what it's telling us. Some of us don't even know how to listen while others flat out ignore our bodies.
I think back to when I was 20 lbs heavier...frustrated and just felt pretty bad about my body. Instead of facing the problem head on, I covered myself up and tried to make the problem go away by putting it out of my mind. I had NO CLUE where to begin and it felt helpless. I didn't know how to listen to my body and quite frankly I didn't want to look at it either. Whether you are 20 lbs overweight or 100lbs, I know how easy it is to disconnect with your body/self and try to pretend the problem away. 

I was shocked to learn that we have "two brains" Your brain and your gut. Who knew?! Our bodies are so advanced, we don't usually take the time to reflect on that and get in tune with what we are blessed with. 

Get this:
There are a network of neurons lining our guts that is so extensive some scientists have nicknamed it our "second brain".

A deeper understanding of this mass of neural tissue, filled with important neurotransmitters, is revealing that it does much more than merely handle digestion or inflict the occasional nervous pang. The little brain in our innards, in connection with the big one in our skulls, partly determines our mental state and plays key roles in certain diseases throughout the body.
Woah! Really? Your gut can help determine your mental state. Now it's starting to make sense.
The reset goes wayyy beyond just physically cleaning you out. Isabelle said you will also go through an emotional cleansing. Get in touch with those feelings and just be aware. Don't try to figure everything out. Just take note. 

That was another huge takeaway I got from the recent personal development seminar I went attended. In any situation, be aware of your feelings. Are you feeling anxious? Why? Are you experiencing fear? anger? Take notice.
 Allow yourself to process old emotions and let them go. Get in touch with your body, your mind and your soul.

A few things recommended on the cleanse:

  • Take a warm bath with 1 1/4 cup epsom salts. Relax and enjoy for 20 minutes.
  • End your showers with a blast of cold water which will stimulate full body circulation
  • Treat yourself to a gentle massage
  • Laugh!
  • Spend time in nature- go for a walk in the park/on the beach
  • Seek out media that will inspire you and lift you up (Watch Oprah, check!)
  • Help your skin detox by dry brushing it before you bathe, once or twice a week.
  • Get some sunshine for 15 min a day
  • Think positive thoughts
  • Give thanks. Gratitude is powerful. Recognize the good in your life.

So let's DO THIS! But first...I need to get a couple of things out of the way...

First, let's start with my FINAL intense workout for at least 21 days! Went out with a BANG! We did Insanity at Fit Club =)
Post workout glow 
Second, let's enjoy a "Last meal" Since the cleanse is vegan, I thought...why not go for the steak! I'm not typically a red meat eater...but hey, live a lil right?

Third, and MOST importantly, get the BIGGEST and most decadent dessert you can find. Cold Stone Creamery it is! 
And you KNOW we all went for the biggest one. I'm not gonna lie- mine was awesome. But by the end I was so stuffed and high on sugar I thought I was gonna hurl lol Sugar COMA! 

Here we go.....DAY ONE! Wish me luck!

If you want to check it out for yourself, go to

Follow my journey!

If you've ever done a cleanse, comment below with your thoughts or results! I'd love to hear other experiences =) 

Reset Eve!
Day 1 

Why Do the Ultimate Reset?
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  1. So glad I found this! I'm starting the Reset next week and was starting to think I got in over my head :)

    How did the rest of the Reset work out for you?