Ultimate Reset- Day 2

Friday, May 11, 2012

Man oh man! Today was rough for me! Welcome to the reset! They are messing around. So I've heard varying reactions from people and the other thing consistent is that they are all inconsistent. It really depends on you!

So far, I'd have to say...Day 2 has been the worst for me. Started off rocky- I was up every hour last night. I am a VERY light sleeper so a night of sleep like this is not unusual for me. BUT what made it so horrible is the fact that I was straight up miserable with a quiet but nagging headache. 

For the next 12 hours, I literally experiences waves of emotion. Even though OATMEAL is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE items of food, I just could not crack a smile during breakfast. That breakfast ROCKED! Seriously, I'm not kidding- it was amazing. 

I needed a pick me up- so I went tanning (I know, I know...but I was desperate!). It actually really helped. Minus the Andes Chocolate they left on my towel for me!! Torture! I had to IMMEDIATELY throw it away lol 
Fresh air, Vitamin D! I felt incredible, happy, defiantly fatigued but overall pretty freaking gnarly =)

Took my supps, lunch time came around. I prepared everything and actually at this point I was not hungry. I was feeling a little emotional though. I think I got about 10 bites in and got so sad. I'm talking sad to the point that I set my plate down, went to bed and cried for 20 minutes.  Came back to my salad about 30 minutes later and finished it just fine. 

I don't know what happened but then I was right back into feeling achy, tired and crabby. I NEEDED something but I couldn't pinpoint it. A long walk on the beach sounded like just what I needed. I went down, laid in the sand and drank it all in. I left the sound of the waves soothe me into a semi-slumber, drank my Alkalinize and headed back home.

I look happy...and I WAS for a little bit...but like I said, it's been an emotional roller coaster lol

This dinner was a little more complicated and I wish I would have read about it ahead of time because the rice took an hour to prepare! So be advised!!

But again, I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to go back to bed lol Cooked everything and holy moly it was a generous dinner (why can't they have huge breakfasts???)  I'd rather have a HUGE breakfast and small dinner because I NEED the fuel during the DAY! Not when I'm getting ready for bed. 

I just HAVE to show you Seay's pic from Day 2, Meal 3! Her's looks AWESOME

My huge take away from today:

Energy is energy. Your body can't distinguish the difference between perceived stress (like from a dream) and real stress. Whether it's a positive or negative- we need to be AWARE of what we are exposing ourselves to.

Anyone have a Negative Nancy friend? they literally SUCK your life force out of you. You can FEEL it happening!  Start re-evaluating those friendships. Maybe even mention it to them.

Ok so I have 2 take aways- I've noticed that the reset is making people aware of an addiction to food OR something emotional going on with them. 

For example, my friend became very aware of how addicted to sugar she has become.
I on the other hand could care less about the food- something is going on with me INSIDE-emotionally. More to come if I figure it out, but there is a reason I just started crying mid day today hmmm

Today's Meal Breakdown

I opted NOT to have the snack

Day 21 c cooked oatmeal, 1 c fresh blueberries & ½ c organic plain yogurt (w/maple, stevia or honey)Greek Salad w/chicken breast and toasted pine nuts, Greek DressingBlack beans and rice, ¼ c fresh corn, 2 tbsp salsa, ¼ c guacamole, 1 6in corn tortilla, Kale w/pine nuts1 c berries & ¼ c 0% plain or vanilla Greek yogurt sprinkled w/cinnamon

Today, I needed a reminder of WHY I am doing this- I consulted my handy dandy little book! Wow, this really IS like P90X for your insides!
My little reminder! Note: Shortly after this picture was taken, I decided to wear it like a warrior princess. Upper arm band!

I WAS so out of tune!

Ready to Re-hydrate and RECLAIM!
End of Day 2 Video!