Ultimate Reset Day 8

Friday, May 18, 2012

Today was easily the hardest day for me as far as cravings go. My mood was awesome, energy was great, I FEEL fantastic but....I can't stop thinking about chocolate! And pizza! 
Up until now, there has not even been a twinge of wanting to cheat but right now that idea seems pretty impossible.

It was the first day of the Release Phase, which focuses on cleaning the colon. With phase 1 you only take the following supplements: Alkalinize, Optimize,Oxygenize and Mineralize, but the 2nd phase has added the Detox supplement in addition to the previous four listed. The first 4 supplements aren't difficult to take, but the Detox supplement is NOT tasty! Bleh!

Detox helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.

Contrary to common belief, the colon does more than eliminate waste. Who knew? It influences your hydration, nutrient absorption and immune system function. Woah...that's a lot going on!
If your colon isn't processing and eliminating waste properly- your poor digestive system can back up. This can cause evil bloating and discomfort. We've ALL been there!
I have some good news for ya, this Detox formula is NOT a "run to the bathroom" cleanser! Thank goodness!
It gets the job done, cleansing, restoring and resetting your intestinal ecosystem- while not forcing your body to release...ahem...waste.

 Welcome to Day 8, Kati
Welcome to Phase 2! Today you'll be adding Detox to your supplement regimen. While some don't notice its effects for a day or two, others react more quickly—though not suddenly (don't worry!). If you feel a bit more gas than usual, that's entirely normal. Have you noticed other more positive changes, like your clothes fitting differently?
 Fresh Fruit Plate
 Microgreen Salad
 Pinto Beans and Rice
Fresh fruit plate with whatever's seasonal and fresh in your area. Make lower-glycemic choices. For example: 1 cup of blueberries, 7 navel orange segments, and 1 cup of fresh grapes.Microgreen Salad, ⅛ sliced avocado, and dressing of choice from recipe guide.

Men may have an additional ¼ avocado OR an additional ½ serving of pumpkin seeds.
Pinto Beans and Rice, 1 cup of steamed zucchini, and string beans with lemon

Men may have vegetables with either 2 tsp. olive oil OR 2 Tbsp. of toasted slivered almonds.

Week 2: Release
(a pinch in distilled water)
MORNING12–32 oz.10–15 drops2 capsules  1 packet
Wait 30 minutes.
                                  Wait a minimum of 2 hours.
AFTERNOON12–32 oz.10–15 drops2 capsules  1 packet
Wait 30 minutes.
Wait a minimum of 2 hours.
12–32 oz.  1 packet
Wait 30 minutes.
SNACK (optional)
                                  Wait a minimum of 2 hours.
EVENING12–32 oz.10–15 drops2 capsules  1 packet
Wait 30 minutes.